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SES 2013 week 5 : Works of Three Female Artists

August 9 – 15 | 2013


IMGP0657     IMGP0658IMGP0647 IMGP0643 IMGP0642


1976 Born in Tokyo, Japan
2003 BFA Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Crafts
2005 MFA Tokyo University of the Arts, Conservation Craft Studio

She uses old/used paper as a main media of her work because it has a lot of memories and history of life which is the most important theme of her work. At this time, her newest collection of work is on view including some works of Brooklyn’s landscape from her travel sketch in 2012.


IMGP0653   IMGP0650

IMGP0664 IMGP0660 IMGP0662 IMGP0661


1984 Born in Kanagawa, Japan
2007 BFA Kyoto University of Art and Design

The concept of her work is influenced by Maitreya in Koryu-ji Temple. She is trying to depict a holy space in which all emotions are neutralized, or the ideal figure of human who accept everything as it is without receiving any influences and being under the control of others.


_MG_3659   _MG_3622

IMGP0635 IMGP0634 IMGP0632 IMGP0631 IMGP0630 IMGP0667


1971 Born in Saitama
2008 – 2010 Fashion Art Accessory Course, Hiko Mizuno college of jewelry
2010 Estonia Academy of Arts Exchange program
2011 – 2012 Graduation Course, Jewelry Department, Hiko Mizuno college of jewelry

Gallery space open noon to 8ish everyday during the show period.

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SES week 3 works from AG Gallery Artists

AG Gallery pleased to present works by gallery’s favorite artists from past shows at AG Gallery on the 3rd week of Summer Exhibition Series 2013. Artworks from Maria Montiel, Andrea Lauren, Tracey Long, and Hanako Sakashita are on view and available for purchase at this time.

On view through: 7/26 – 8/1 2013


Maria Montiel  :  an artist/graphic designer specialized in textile design, with several years of experience in the field and with clients originating from Venezuela, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, among others. Originally from Venezuela, the study of Maria stands at Madrid, but she acknowledges that much of her influence comes from Latin American with its vivid colors and organic textures. However, the Iberian metropolis also defines some sight with experimental organized chaos and neon signs. Maria, comes from a home where art and architecture were a constant stimulus and now translate into a fresh and vibrant work of varied influences, where shapes and natural colors are bi-dimensional conception.


Andrea Lauren was a New York City based artist and currently live in North Calorina, illustrator creating whimsical, colorful pieces under the studio name Paper-Sparrow. Inspired by her classical music training and a love of nature, Andrea’s art often combines these two passions. Her art has recently been featured by musicians on album covers as well as music publications. Since beginning Paper-Sparrow in 2007, the generous support of the community has been uplifting and Andrea is honored to be doing something she loves.


Tracey Long graduated in 2007 with a BA(HONS) Illustration. She has been selected for Images 32 and was shortlisted for Refresh! New Talent awards 2007 and exhibited in the Coningsby Gallery. She was selected for the Cheltenham Illustration award 2007, 2008 and 2010 and appeared in the exhibition and annual. Tracey was selected for the London Transport Museum and AOI Cycling in London competition 2010 and The River Thames competition 2011. With a love of the hand drawn her work encompasses a playful mix of animal characters in surreal and quirky guises. Her ideas and inspiration are gleaned from literature, traditional European folk art, and fairy tales. The work is made in pencil, watercolor and collage, an approach that suits the frivolous and eccentric mood that she aims for.

sakashita02 sakashita01

Hanako Sakashita is the artist who lives and works in Mashiko, Tochigi. Mashiko is known as for its pottery, called “Mashiko-yaki”. It is a traditional kiln site that is unlike some of the other older kiln sites around Japan. The town is open to newcomers whether they are potters or others with professional backgrounds in arts, science and education. In Japan craftsmen were usually born into their profession ,but in Mashiko, anyone could be a potter.

1976  born in Tokyo, Japan

1998  Graduated from Musashino Art University

2002  Studied about Pottery in Seto-city, Aichi

2003 – 2010 Worked at Pottery Studio in Mashiko, Tochigi

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SES week 2 “The Moon & the Sun” Kanae Ito Solo Show & Live Music Performance



The theme of this exhibition is a story of “The Moon & The Sun”.

The moon and the sun releases its own kind of light.

Based on the picture book Kanae Ito had written in her twenties,

a singer-songwriter, Akiko Segawa provided the music that plays along with the story.

Having been inspired by Akiko’s music, Kanae has further developed the story on a

piece of cloth.

“The Moon & the Sun” is the work that grew and matured over the decade.

Small live performances by Akiko Segawa will be held at the gallery.
Furthermore, we are pleased to invite a special guest, Hiroya Tsukamoto,
an active guitarist who is based in NY, to perform his guitar on Sunday, 21st of July.

Please enjoy Kanae Ito’s original world of Sewing Drawing with Music, and some fresh breeze from Japan.


Date & Time: Friday, July 19 – Thursday, July 25, 2013 12:00pm ~ 8:00pm

(Except for; the 19th opens at 14:00 ~ , 25th closes at 18:00)

Special live performance:

With Akiko Segawa (Afternoons of July 19,20,23, and 24)

With Akiko Segawa & Hiroya Tsukamoto (Evening of July 21)


Find out more about Kanae Ito’s biography and works, visit her facebook page.

Kanae Ito Works (https://www.facebook.com/KanaeItoWorks)

Artist Statement

~Sewing Drawing with Music~

Every intriguing thing that is born to this world stands on well contemplated concepts and aspirations. When we find these, its significance grows even more.

Yet, none of us spends our day paying close attention to these qualities.
What comes straight into our heart is simply the power that doesn’t require any words.

Music inspires me.

Songs, dances, and the sound of instruments…. The energy arising from the bottom of their bodies enfold me with tenderness, strength, and sometimes even sadness.

Let me be with music.
Let me create what echoes like music.

Kanae Ito

Born in 1973
She studied environmental design at Chiba University in Japan.
After graduation, she worked for a furniture company and at an upholstery.
While upholstering furniture and working as a designer’s assistant, Kanae started creating small interior accessories with recycled leather. She then began to create the items on a sewing machine.

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SES week 1 “SPIRIT JOURNEY” NORICO solo show


NORICO / Artist, Healer, Musician   –   live and work in New York

Born in Japan, Norico is an artist, Kinesiology therapist ,Reiki teacher and musician.
She graduated from Fukuoka University of Education in Japan, where she started painting and moved to the U.S in 1990.

As a healer, she has taught Reiki and healed many people through Kinesiology method.
The work of the healing has also an impact on her paintings.

The each series of her “Fish” and “Bird”with unicursal figures was completed in 2003.
Norico’s works have focused on spiritual creatures,the deep-sea, forests and the universe afterward. The motifs of her paintings are dolphins, the moon, the sun,birds, fish, plants, lotuses, Ganesha-an Indian god, and Kodama-a spirit of forests-in Japanese.

She also has composed music and played it with her husband Osamu, a sound healer.
The world of her music is closely connected to her artwork as well.

Norico’s paintings are peaceful, and filled of joy and dreams, and also bring us a powerful spiritual awaking.


Osamu Moriyama/ Musician, Sound healer

Osamu is a musician and a sound healer.
He Attended The Berklee Collage Of Music from ’93~’95
He plays improvisational music with multi-acoustic instrument that include Guitar, Native American Flute, Caxixi, Crystal Bowls, Djembe, Native American Drum,Gong,Etc…

Since 2010 Osamu has been playing offering music in the earth’s sacred and powerful sites such as Sedona, Mt Shasta,  Yucatan’s Mayan Ruines, Kauai Island,,, in order to give gratitude to the earth and to reconnect their essential energy into our being.



Opening Night photos… Live Performance by Osamu Moriyama.

IMG_0025 IMG_0022

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Up coming at AG Gallery is our signature summer event “Summer Exhibition Series 2013” which is including 7 week based exhibitions by artists from many different places mostly from Japan. We hope each week-long show with totally different media and theme will made your summer days in Williamsburg much more fun and inspirational.



  1. 7/5 ~ 7/18 | “SPIRIT JOURNEY”  NORICO solo exhibition (live music on 7/5 7pm~ by Osamu Moriyama)

  2. 7/19 ~ 25 | “The Moon & The Sun” Kanae Ito solo exhibition (live performance 7/19~24)

  3. 7/26 ~ 8/1 | Works from AG Gallery Artists

  4. 8/2 ~ 8 |  FRIEND NO MORE & LOVE NO MORE by UNARO

  5. 8/9 ~ 15 |  Group Exhibition : Naoko Saito, Shoko Kikuta, Kumiko Mizuno

  6. 8/16 ~ 22 |  “Power of the Earth” Yoko Takeuchi solo exhibition (photography)

  7. 8/23 ~ 29 |  “Anti-Glasswork Art 2013” Takao Sakata solo exhibition

New show opens on every friday night. We open 7 days a week this summer,  Noon – 8ish.

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