SES 2013 week 5 : Works of Three Female Artists

August 9 – 15 | 2013


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1976 Born in Tokyo, Japan
2003 BFA Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Crafts
2005 MFA Tokyo University of the Arts, Conservation Craft Studio

She uses old/used paper as a main media of her work because it has a lot of memories and history of life which is the most important theme of her work. At this time, her newest collection of work is on view including some works of Brooklyn’s landscape from her travel sketch in 2012.


IMGP0653   IMGP0650

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1984 Born in Kanagawa, Japan
2007 BFA Kyoto University of Art and Design

The concept of her work is influenced by Maitreya in Koryu-ji Temple. She is trying to depict a holy space in which all emotions are neutralized, or the ideal figure of human who accept everything as it is without receiving any influences and being under the control of others.


_MG_3659   _MG_3622

IMGP0635 IMGP0634 IMGP0632 IMGP0631 IMGP0630 IMGP0667


1971 Born in Saitama
2008 – 2010 Fashion Art Accessory Course, Hiko Mizuno college of jewelry
2010 Estonia Academy of Arts Exchange program
2011 – 2012 Graduation Course, Jewelry Department, Hiko Mizuno college of jewelry

Gallery space open noon to 8ish everyday during the show period.

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