SES 2013 week 6 ”Power of the Earth” Yoko Takeuchi solo exhibition


AG Gallery is pleased to present Yoko Takeuchi’s solo exhibition, Power of the Earth. This exhibition is a part of our Summer Exhibition Series 2013, and on view from August 16 through 22.


Artist Statement

We think that flowers are able to heal people, and flowers give people a power. However, we cannot see the process of absorbing the power of flowers because that is only our feelings. I would like to express the process visually.

When I think of the power of flowers itself, I realize that flowers are supported by powerful elements, such as roots, stems, and leaves. A root extends and absorbs nutrition from soil, and a stem and leaves grow. In the end, a strong and beautiful flower blooms. We feel some power from the flower and get healed with it. Even though roots, stems, and leaves are not noticeable, they must be present to bloom a strong and beautiful flower. This exhibition, Power of the Earth, is representing that people take the power of earth without being noticed, and we live adopting the power from earth.

I am challenging myself to make artworks, which include roots, leaves, and flowers throughout photography with my experiences of being a flower designer.

Yoko Takeuchi / Artist, Photographer, Flower Designer



Yoko Takeuchi lives and works in Tokyo, Japan, and has been taking photographs of flowers for over 10 years, as well as working as a flower arranger for over 15 years. Participated in the London Chelsea Flower Show in 1997 and received praise from show coordinators.

She does the decorative arrangement of flower for events, bridals and photography projects of advertisements including magazines. She also works as a freelance photographer for seasonal flowers throughout Japanese publications in newspapers, magazines, etc.

Besides working as a photographer for flower magazines, as a recent work, her original photographs have been used for posters and iPhone cases, and they are sold at many retail store in Japan.



High Photo Award Japan 2011 Semi Grand prizes

The Solo Exhibition “Power of the Earth” by Yoko Takeuchi is on view at AG Gallery from August 16 through 22, 2013. Open everyday noon to 8pm during show period.

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