SES week 1 “SPIRIT JOURNEY” NORICO solo show


NORICO / Artist, Healer, Musician   –   live and work in New York

Born in Japan, Norico is an artist, Kinesiology therapist ,Reiki teacher and musician.
She graduated from Fukuoka University of Education in Japan, where she started painting and moved to the U.S in 1990.

As a healer, she has taught Reiki and healed many people through Kinesiology method.
The work of the healing has also an impact on her paintings.

The each series of her “Fish” and “Bird”with unicursal figures was completed in 2003.
Norico’s works have focused on spiritual creatures,the deep-sea, forests and the universe afterward. The motifs of her paintings are dolphins, the moon, the sun,birds, fish, plants, lotuses, Ganesha-an Indian god, and Kodama-a spirit of forests-in Japanese.

She also has composed music and played it with her husband Osamu, a sound healer.
The world of her music is closely connected to her artwork as well.

Norico’s paintings are peaceful, and filled of joy and dreams, and also bring us a powerful spiritual awaking.


Osamu Moriyama/ Musician, Sound healer

Osamu is a musician and a sound healer.
He Attended The Berklee Collage Of Music from ’93~’95
He plays improvisational music with multi-acoustic instrument that include Guitar, Native American Flute, Caxixi, Crystal Bowls, Djembe, Native American Drum,Gong,Etc…

Since 2010 Osamu has been playing offering music in the earth’s sacred and powerful sites such as Sedona, Mt Shasta,  Yucatan’s Mayan Ruines, Kauai Island,,, in order to give gratitude to the earth and to reconnect their essential energy into our being.


Opening Night photos… Live Performance by Osamu Moriyama.

IMG_0025 IMG_0022

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