SES week 2 “The Moon & the Sun” Kanae Ito Solo Show & Live Music Performance



The theme of this exhibition is a story of “The Moon & The Sun”.

The moon and the sun releases its own kind of light.

Based on the picture book Kanae Ito had written in her twenties,

a singer-songwriter, Akiko Segawa provided the music that plays along with the story.

Having been inspired by Akiko’s music, Kanae has further developed the story on a

piece of cloth.

“The Moon & the Sun” is the work that grew and matured over the decade.

Small live performances by Akiko Segawa will be held at the gallery.
Furthermore, we are pleased to invite a special guest, Hiroya Tsukamoto,
an active guitarist who is based in NY, to perform his guitar on Sunday, 21st of July.

Please enjoy Kanae Ito’s original world of Sewing Drawing with Music, and some fresh breeze from Japan.


Date & Time: Friday, July 19 – Thursday, July 25, 2013 12:00pm ~ 8:00pm

(Except for; the 19th opens at 14:00 ~ , 25th closes at 18:00)

Special live performance:

With Akiko Segawa (Afternoons of July 19,20,23, and 24)

With Akiko Segawa & Hiroya Tsukamoto (Evening of July 21)


Find out more about Kanae Ito’s biography and works, visit her facebook page.

Kanae Ito Works (

Artist Statement

~Sewing Drawing with Music~

Every intriguing thing that is born to this world stands on well contemplated concepts and aspirations. When we find these, its significance grows even more.

Yet, none of us spends our day paying close attention to these qualities.
What comes straight into our heart is simply the power that doesn’t require any words.

Music inspires me.

Songs, dances, and the sound of instruments…. The energy arising from the bottom of their bodies enfold me with tenderness, strength, and sometimes even sadness.

Let me be with music.
Let me create what echoes like music.

Kanae Ito

Born in 1973
She studied environmental design at Chiba University in Japan.
After graduation, she worked for a furniture company and at an upholstery.
While upholstering furniture and working as a designer’s assistant, Kanae started creating small interior accessories with recycled leather. She then began to create the items on a sewing machine.

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