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Rica TASAKA | Embroidered NY

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Embroidered NY

On View: August 18, 2017 ~ August 24, 2017

AG Gallery is pleased to announce a new exhibition with artist Rica TASAKA “Embroidered NY”, openng on August 18, 2017.

Rica TASAKA is a Japanese artist who explores washi as an art medium like oil paints and clay. Tasaka’s works are made completely with only embroider and Washi-paper collage. Tasaka collects images from around the world. Based on snapshots pictures she shot in cities she visited she creates her washi-art. Tasaka explores everyday subjects in her work that make us rediscover joys and happiness that lives in small parts of our daily life in a specific location of the world.

In this exhibition Tasaka created NYC landscape series using pictures and sketches of her visit to NYC last year as inspirations. We suggest gallery visitors to get extra closer to artworks this time, and see the details. They look like illustrations at a first sight but actually collaged paper and stitchings that make those “snapshot-like” pictures.

Exhibition is on view through August 24th, 2017. Please visit the gallery and enjoy how NYC was like to a visiting artist, you may discover something similar or different from what you know.

22-NY Days

Statement and Message from Artist

 I was born and raised in the bustling, food-centered city of Osaka, Japan in 1974.
 I spent my childhood creating unique works of art using everyday items I found around the house. Later in life, I entered the Life Design Department at the Kyoto Saga University of Arts.
 While at the university, I designed furniture and various other household goods. After graduating in 1995, I worked at a company as an interior designer.
 During that time I started working on my own art and in the process found traditional Japanese washi paper which totally changed my work. Washi paper has special textures that I can’t express using just paint. The texture and the hand-torn edges of the paper absorb and dissipate the ink in a way that makes each piece unique. I also embroider directly on the washi paper to give my work a three-dimensional texture and a visual rhythm as a single piece of art based on everyday life.
 I resigned from my company in 2000 and became a freelance illustrator. I did illustrations in various media, as I actively worked on creating solo exhibitions. In 2015, I held my first public exhibition at the Karuizawa New Art Museum in Nagano. Then I had my first exhibit in Brooklyn, New York.

 Coming to New York in 2017, greatly expanded my experience and style. The overwhelming energy of the city exhibited in its food, people, and lively culture caused me to explore a sense of movement and irregularity in my art. This has added power in addition to the sense of healing which was present in my previous work.

 I hope that whoever sees my art feels like they have made a small discovery in their lives and it causes them to smile. That’s what keeps me going as an artist.

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group exhibition


September 17 – November 21, 2010


“papyrus”, a group exhibition by four artists who are familiar with the paper medium was held in Sept – Nov 2010. Each artist demonstrated their own unique relationship between paper and their world of creation.


Mathilde Roussel-Giraudy is a French artist who combines drawing, printmaking, sculpture, book art, and photography for her creation. She explores the interconnected value of identity and memory. On this exhibition, she showed two of her styles in the themes of memory and dream.

Website: http://www.mathilderousselgiraudy.com/

Mary Bucci McCoy is a Beverly, MA, based artist who had actively created a community of artists, such as a membership in her town’s culture council. As an artist, she continuously works through acrylic painting on wood panel and paper, and she has exhibited throughout New England. On this exhibition, AG gallery features her works on Okawara paper, a soft and strong Japanese paper.

Website: http://www.buccimccoy.com/

Susan Belle is a New York-based artist who studied at FIT and SUNY Purchase College. For this exhibition, you will see her small drawings for a zine called “Shuttle Cakes.” Inspired by decadent desserts and science fiction illustration of the 1920’s and 30’s, her black and white drawings contain highly ornate space shuttles drifting through microcosmos of celestial dust. Her work has been shown in periodicals, such as Worn Fashion Journal.

Website: http://www.susanbelle.net

Edda Tara Hansen was born in Hong Kong and moved to London as a teenager. She finished her master’s degree in art at Central Saint Martins College of Art. Currently, she lives in Brooklyn. Her signature artwork is pen and ink drawing on large pieces of  paper in multiple colors. The drawings take different meanings depending on the viewers distance from the works.

Website: http://www.missedda.com/

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