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Trump of Trump 2016 | Takao Sakata

AG Gallery is pleased to announce that Takao Sakata’s Anti-Glass Works Annual One Week Solo Installation Exhibition successfully had its opening day today. This year’s exhibition theme is Trump of Trump which he express his interest in USA Presidential Election as non US residence, and as a citizen of the world. This is one week summer special exhibition, please make sure to visit the gallery during the exhibition.

Exhibition On View: August 26 – September 1, 2016

For the exhibition details and to learn about the artist, please CLICK HERE and read the previous post.




ABOUT This Year’s Anti-Glassworks Installation
-What is the inspiration for this year’s Anti-Glassworks?

“This year’s Anti-Glassworks are deeply influenced by the United States presidential election. We are probably going to experience a historical moment as we will most likely have the first female president of the United States.
I am sensitive to the social movements of other nations, including the United States,  just like I care for my own country. I see the social movements as a citizen of the world, and with this perspective I create my work as responses to society. The urge naturally came to me to express my interest in and feelings for the US presidential election as the theme of this year’s Anti-Glassworks installation that will be presented at AG Gallery.

In my installation, Mr. Donald Trump is portrayed as a house of cards. He is a charming person, but there are dangerous sides in his policy. The Trump tower is standing on the verge of collapse. The glass objects around it encourage the tower’s self-control. I will leave the rest to your imagination and understanding.

Although I do not have a vote in the election, the result will affect us and the world.
This exhibition is my deep cheering message that I send towards both candidates.” -Takao Sakata

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Installation View : “EARLY BLOOM”

Unfortunately, we couldn’t have opening reception because of blizzard NEMO though, the show period started on February 8th. Please take a virtual tour with images from current gallery space.












Current exhibition, “EARLY BLOOM” is on view now through April 7, 2013 at AG Gallery + About Glamour. Because we missed opening night, we will have reception event with Williamsburg Armory Afterhours on Saturday, March 10th, 7-10PM. All the galleries in Williamsburg will open late night and have special event/performance. Please come by and enjoy another Armory show in Williamsburg. Need more info? visit http://brooklynarmorynight.wordpress.com/

AG Gallery | Open 7 days a week : Noon – 8PM | 107A N 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11249

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