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Art In Boxes, Post Exclusive -Closing on March 30, 2015-

Canine Universe by Raphael Balme

Canine Universe by Raphael Balme

It is March and our Art In Boxes exhibit of the post-exclusive part is nearly over! For those unfamiliar, Art In Boxes, which began during the holiday season, showcases many artists from all over the world who offers works (such a prints, zines, jewelry, and more) that would make wonderful gifts. Out of the wide variety of chosen artists we started with, many are gone but do not fret–! There are still a few left.

To start, we have Japanese artist Kazuhiro Nagi; this experimental artist created his stunning piece “Mattina” (or “Morning” in Italian) by using wafers, meant for wrapping powdered medicine, to create an explosion of bright color.
Also hailing from Japan is Kentaro Horiuchi. His psychedelic paintings use bright colors and tiny swirling detail to transport you into the unique landscape of his creations.
Within the dark and austere pages of Raphael Balme’s art-zine “Canine Universe”, you will find a dream-like world both quiet and vicious. Featured are full-page prints of Balme’s painted illustrations accompanied by handwritten commentary.
One might think of temporary tattoos as childlike, but these beautiful wearable works of art by Pepper Ink Collection are actually quite elegant. Artists offer many different designs from vintage florals and insects to more modern designs such as a geometric skull.
Villa Sorgenfrei World offers delicate, beautiful charms capture the feeling of a warm summer meadow by literally capturing wildflowers and other specimens that one might find there in tiny handblown glass baubles.
Work by these artists is still available at AG Gallery for a limited time so please come to check them out before it is too late!
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Raised in Osaka, Japanese artist Kentaro Horiuchi’s works are vivid and bold. His brightly colored creations seem to exist on another plane, pouring onto the canvas from deep within the artist’s own stream of consciousness. Each piece has painstaking, minute details, and yet when all combined together creates an image that is larger than life.

While sporadic as they may seem, Horiuchi has an excellent command of color and design. The vibrant colors used by the artist create a cerebral, even psychedelic landscape for the viewer to explore. By gazing into these works of art, you too can be transported to Horiuchi’s world.


His works are on view at AG Gallery through ending of March, 2015. To learn more about Kentaro Horiuchi please visit his website at https://sites.google.com/site/khterritory/

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