ANTI-GLASSWORKS 2015 by Takao Sakata

This is an exhibition by A Glass Sculotor, Takao Sakata.

EXHIBITION ON VIEW : August 10 – August 20, 2015

Takao Sakata is a glass sculptor with a long career presenting his works as glass-work artist in Shiga, Japan. He introduces to not only audience but also to other glass-work artists in the world, the new era of glass-work art which must be created from a strong passion to breakthrough the conventionality of current “glass art”. This is the 5th solo-exhibition of Sakata at AG Gallery. FullSizeRender-14DSC02900 DSC02898 DSC02871  FullSizeRender-14 FullSizeRender-13DSC02902DSC02898

“The theme for this year’s anti-glassworks is “Re-Weave The USA”. The aim of the creation is to verify and support the culture and history of America. My intention is to regain the US of vitality by weaving the history of USA once again from the starting point to this current day. I used the Stars and Stripes as a motif for presenting this message.” -T. Sakata


“When we look at the glass-work art in nowadays, I can only see weak, cheap, and flatter works. They are called “the modern glass art” or “the world glass art” and seen as if they are the real art. Glass artisans without strong belief or knowledge and the lack of outstanding glass-work art critics abstract making progress of the art. The substantial of art is to express nature, society and human being through clear senses and techniques. It means the attribute of glass material doesn’t produce any arts. Marcel Duchamp signed that people in this century had been completely blind to the art. It is also the severe criticism to “the modern glass-work art.”

Artists accused a falsehood of an era with their insanity that is inherent in themselves, which is a reason why many Western artists have been respected. Those artists risked their lives through their representations. Social value of artists does not change at any time; artists are useless all the time.

Young artists should think carefully. Artists are the ones who decide to gaze live and death; memento mori, in all creations universally. You must not rely on what critics think about your works. In solitude, you have to let time pass. You should not let representations calm and rip off this century. “

—Takao Sakata

Takao Sakata
Live and work in Shiga, Japan
Graduated from Tokyo Glass Art Institute

The annual gallery installation “Anti-Glassworks 2015” is on view from August 10 through August 20, 2015. The gallery is open everyday, from 12pm to 8pm.

To View more images visit here.

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