Untitled Animals 9.14 – 11.18.2012

AG Gallery/About Glamour in Williamsburg is pleased to present a group exhibition, “UNTITLED ANIMALS,” by emerging artists from all over the US, Jon Carling, Erin & Nicholas, and Zlatka Paneva. All the works in this exhibition have some connections with animals around us and those in our imaginary world.

Even before we understood that human is a member of Mammalia like other animals, or we knew “the classification of living things” which was initially done by Aristotle in BC, we have been living with other animals for a long time. As a farm animal, as a provision, as a means of transportation, as a worker, and as a friend, we live together with many kinds of animals every day.

Animals are treated as a perfectly eternal motif in the creation of art because they are the most closest mystery for us and we love them whether we want to or not. In this exhibition, all those three artists are working in different region and on absolutely different media though, have some kinds of sympathy to real and imaginary animals existing in this world.


Jon Carling

He is a bay area native, growing up in the once rural grassy hills of El Sobrante. He graduated in 2002 from Oakland’s CCA with a degree in illustration and still lives in Oakland, designing furniture and drawing pictures in his home studio.

“I really don’t limit myself to any particular subject matter or influence…I try and smash as many ideas into my work as possible…equally interpreting the way i saw life as a child and the way I see life today. Pen and ink is just what I have always done, its great because you don’t pay much for supplies, and you can do it in bed.” ~ Jon Carling


Erin & Nicholas

They started creating these prints on this exhibition as an outlet from our other jobs. This is a fun project that allows them to work together as a couple on a design project where we set all the guidelines. Each printed is printed on 100 lb archival paper with archival ink.

Zlatka Paneva

She is a professional artist and designer working in numerous media – paintings, drawings,illustrations, sculptures, ceramics and jewelry . In her art pieces, she always loves to twist ideas, forms or meanings of things. She would love to hope you will enjoy it as much as she love to create it. Her works are included museums and private collections in Europe, Japan and U.S. Born in Sofia, Bulgaria | MFA from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria. | Live and work in Los Angeles

“My art is a cocktail of reality, sources and imagination, infused with elegance and a sense of humor…  In my art, I always love to twist ideas, forms or meanings of things.” – Zlatka Paneva

The Exhibition “Untitled Animals” is on view through Friday, September 14 to Sunday, November 18, 2012. AG Gallery opens everyday from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. during the show period.

* All the work available for purchase at affordable price.

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