Group Exhibition by Potters, Glass and Felt Artists

August 24 – 30, 2012

The exhibition, “Dreamy Maidens” is a group show of Japanese potters, glass and feld artists from Mashiko, Tochigi, Japan. All the artists in this exhibition live and work in Mashiko, Tochigi. Mashiko is known as for its pottery, called “Mashiko-yaki”. It is a traditional kiln site that is unlike some of the other older kiln sites around Japan. The town is open to newcomers whether they are potters or others with professional backgrounds in arts, science and education. In Japan craftsmen were usually born into their profession ,but in Mashiko, anyone could be a potter.

The artists in this exhibition are the member of “Mashiko Maidens’ Kimono Club,” and this is the first official exhibition in abroad. The meaning of “a Maiden” for the name of group is little bit different from virginity or immatureness. They call it “OTOME” in Japanese and it means a girl who has a pure and sensitive feeling. Also, they describe the innocent feeling itself as “OTOME-GOKORO” and anyone could have that kind of feelings not only little girls, but elder ladies, even men could.

They always try to merge those sense into their creation process as they keep the pure and innocent feeling with wearing traditional Japanese costume, Kimono, in their daily life, and the habit helps them understand the origin of a sense of beauty in Japanese culture where their creation ideas came from.

Artists and Works


Formed in 2006 as a collaborative project by Takako Otsuka, Stained-glass artist, and  masa, potter. They have been holding many Exhibitions together.



1975  born in Miyagi, Japan

1999  Studied under Toshihiko Nishimura, Potter in Mashiko, Tochigi, Japan

2005  Built own kiln

2007  Started to work in new studio in Tochigi, Japan


Ayana Nariyoshi

1972  born in Mashiko, Tochigi

1995  Graduated from Toyama City Institute of Glass Art

Currently work as a felt artist in Tochigi, Japan


Takako Otsuka

2000  Graduated from Kyoritsu Women’s University in Design major

Studied at Stained-glass Art School at Shibuya, Tokyo

Work at “BARA STUDIO” as Stained-glass artist


Hanako Sakashita

1976  born in Tokyo, Japan

1998  Graduated from Musashino Art University

2002  Studied about Pottery in Seto-city, Aichi

2003 – 2010 Worked at Pottery Studio in Mashiko, Tochigi


Ayako Wakana

1976  born in Tochigi, Japan

2003  Started to creating pottery

2009  Graduated from Bunsei University of Art, Pottery Major

2009  Built own kiln then working as independent potter


Naoko Yoshizawa

1977  Born in Japan

1999  Jissen Women’s Educational Institute Department of Aesthetics and Art History

1999  Worked at Mashiko Yokoyama Pottery Studio

2005  Started to work at own studio in Mashiko



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