“The Anti-Glasswork Art 2012 in New York”

Takao Sakata Solo Exhibition

Will be on view from August 17 through 23, 2012

Takao Sakata, the artist of second week of whole SUMMER EXHIBITION SERIES 2012, who has a long career as glass-work artist live and work in Shiga, Japan. He would like to introduce, not only audience also other glass-work artists in the world, the new era of glass-work art which must be created from a strong passion to breakthrough the conventionality of current “glass art”.

installation view

Artist Statement

“When we look at the glass-work art in these days, I can only see weak, cheap, and flatter works. They are called “modem grass art” or “the world grass art” and seen as if they are the real art.
Glass artisans without strong belief and knowledge and the lack of outstanding glass-work art critics obstruct making progress of the art.
The substantial of art is to express nature, society and human beings through clear motives and techniques. It means the attribute of glass material doesn’t produce any arts.
Marcel Duchamp, a French artist, signed that people in this century has been blind completely to the art. It is also the severe criticism to the modern glass art. ”
—Takao Sakata

Takao Sakata
Live and work in Shiga, Japan
Graduated from Tokyo Glass Art Institute

The annual gallery event “SUMMER EXHIBITION SERIES 2012” is on view now through September 7. AG Gallery opens everyday from 12pm to 8pm during the show period.
*Gallery space close 8/10 – 16 for preparation.

Chiharu Aizawa
AG Gallery/About Glamour
chiharu {at} aboutglamour {dot} net

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