Valentine’s Exhibition|SPRING FEVER by Ward Yoshimoto

Coming soon… this Saturday,

SPRING FEVER by Ward Yoshimoto

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 30, 6-8PM*
Exhibition On View: January 30 – February 14, 2016

*Make sure to visit AG Gallery this Saturday 6-8PM, and meet the artist at the reception!

Ward’s Valentines Project, which is one of his many long-term projects that perhaps, is his most personal. Every year, for well over 20 years, he has been making a Valentine sculpture which is a gift to his wife. In this show we focus on Ward’s Valentine’s, a collection of digital photographic prints of his original artworks that have been given to his wife for the over two decades.
Ward Yoshimoto has lived and worked in New York for the past thirty years as a commercial photographer and fine artist. Born and raised in Los Angeles he attended CSU Dominguez Hills in 1980 as a design and studio major, and then in 1985 received his BFA in photography from The Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California. In 1999 he received his MFA in sculpture from Brooklyn College, Brooklyn. Since moving to New York in 1985, he has continued to explore issues about art, photography, sculpture, the digital world, and the human condition; these among others are some of his concerns. He has shown both nationally and internationally and is currently preparing for his exhibition at BRIC, “Up For Debate” this winter in Brooklyn, NY.

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Artist Spotlight: HARIMOGURA

HARIMOGURA is an artist name of two artists Jin and Aya.

Together, they create fully hand crafted planters. They design, modeling and hand paint each planter, like a sculpture. Aya and Jin make different works. Jin is specialized in making industrial or house like shaped planters. Aya is specializing in animals.

This is very first time for them to bring their works to New York City and so that you can actually see their planters at our gallery this winter. You can also purchase their work at AG Gallery while the works are on view.

HArimogura Gallery WIndow

Handcrafted Planters by Harimogura at AG Show Window SpaceHARIMOGURA Art planter

 Jin & Aya
 "HARIMOGURA is our artist name, and it means Echidna in English.
 Our small small planters are handmade. They are made of resin.
 Since it is so small, you can put it on the windowsill or desk.
 Even though it's so small, there is an enough presence.
 Each planter is a mixed art of the artistic object and little plants, that will produce a nice space.
 We have been working at a modeling company, and we have been always creating big things there. 
One day, we began to make stuffs by ourselves after work. It is a small modeling that can be placed anywhere.
 Also, we love nature.
 Art planter of the HARIMOGURA was created on the idea combining two different materials, resin and little plant.
 We created our unique style a long time ago under the name HARIMOGURA.
We love echidna as a peaceful animal. That’s why we want to spread our own style to the world."-Jin & Aya

Harimogura23Harimogura25  Harimogura26Harimogura04Harimogura22Harimogura06Harimogura24Harimogura21Harimogura19Harimogura20Harimogura17Harimogura15Harimogura18Harimogura14Harimogura16Harimogura13Harimogura09Harimogura12Harimogura10Harimogura11Harimogura08Harimogura07Harimogura01Harimogura02Harimogura03Harimogura05


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Art In Boxes

A HAPPY HOLIDAY FOR ALL from AG Gallery and all artists from ART IN BOXES 15 Exhibition!

If you have not yet done for the holiday gift searching, make sure to visit AG Gallery this weekend and find the best for your holiday gifts of this year, for everyone special to you.




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Are You An Early Bird?

AIB DM Front Final Image


On View: December 1, 2015 – February 1, 2016
Reception: December 5 (Sat), 6PM – 8PM

We are excited to invite you for this year’s ART IN BOXES, The Annual Holiday Gift Art Exhibition. This year, we are featuring many one of a kind artworks by oversea artists new to exhibit in NYC, along with some local artists.

In this annual exhibition we have about 30 local and international collective artists’ artworks for your holiday gift ideas.

APAK/Ken Brown/Richard Vincent/ Hanako Sakashita/Naoko Yoshizawa/Kyoko Imazu/Jannese Rojas/Masayasu Tokoro/Andrea Lauren/Philippa Rice/Naoko Tatsumi/Victor-John Villanueva/Maria Montiel/Frank Parga/Minatsu Babe/Milan Strada/Natsumi G./ Harimogura/Studio COOCA: Sayaka Yokomizo, Justine Ikea, Yoriko Yamamoto, Takao Mizuno, Yuri Nishimura & Asuka Mera/ Naoko Saito/Mamaru/ivonna buenrostro/Shinke Satoko/ Brendan Wenzel/Saiki Otsuka/Kazuhiro Nagi
Oil Paintings, Printmaking Original Prints, Sculptures, Drawings, Watercolor Illustrations, Art Digital Prints, Art Zines, Vases, Potteries, Handmade Jewelries, Broaches, Ornaments, Planters, Greeting Cards…, and more.


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OPENING TODAY: The World of Kyoko Imazu

Kyoko Imazu

The World of Kyoko Imazu

Exhibition On View: November 1 – November 22, 2015

A new exhibition, “The World of Kyoko Imazu” is finally opened today at AG Gallery. Kyoko Imazu is a Japanese contemporary printmaking artist based in Australia. Her work has been shown in various galleries in solo and group exhibitions including countries Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Australia. In 2014 she received the Australian Print Workshop Dowd Foundation Scholarship. AG Gallery has been show casing some of her prints for past two years, and this exhibition is her first solo exhibition in NYC, and you will be welcomed with her latest printmaking and ceramic sculptures.

Please visit AG Gallery and to view her world, it is quiet, yet with full of stories. Many animals and creatures appear in her printmaking. Every character is depicted realistic and in detail, yet somewhat oddly. When you visit, please take a close look at each original prints, there are many surprises await you. Each work is original, hand printed in limited small editions, made with traditional printmaking method of etching and aquatint.


Small Ceramic Sculptures by Kyoko Imazu

Friends of the night by Kyoko Imazu

Original Print “Friends of The Night” by Kyoko Imazu


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