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An early bird always finds something special.


AG Gallery’s 5th annual holiday juried gift art show is opening very soon.

Opening on November 28, the theme of the show is “Art for Gifts”.

“ART IN BOXES” is the largest group exhibition which presents one of a kind artworks for ideas of the holiday gifts at affordable price. Many artists curated in this show are international artists currently living and making in different countries including Poland, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Mexico, and Japan. Most of international those artists are already known and loved in their country, but not yet widely known here in NYC.

In this show, you will find many amazing art works that you can only find in here at our gallery. AG Gallery exhibits over a hundred of art pieces from many local and international artists. The show will start on Friday 28th,  and it’s a bit early for Christmas though, we’ll add more artworks almost every other week from now. Please stop by AG Gallery for your holiday shopping.

Bell Person by Erinswindow from Australia

Divers by Jing Wei from Brooklyn


The curator selected small to large art pieces which would be great for the artsy gifts, such as paintings, sculptures, prints, potteries, artist books, artist hand design body tattoos, postcards, accessory and many kind of handmade art pieces. This is the great opportunity for that if people are looking for extraordinary and one-of-a-kind holiday gifts this year. Art, I believe, is always a very rich and special gift regardless the price.

For this specific exhibition, we are willing to do the gift wrapping as well as we will take domestic/international shipping!Also, this is a show that you could take your purchased artwork back with you.

We are always willing to help people who would like to find some great gift for holiday season, and we wish Happy Holidays for all.


-Art In Boxes Exhibition Artists for 2014-

Isabella Di Sclafani / Ivonne Buenrostro / Carolina Buzio/ Pepper Ink Collection/ Erinswindow/ Danielle Kroll/ Kazuhiko Nagi/ Niina Aoki/ Yoshimi Yoshimura/ Kyoko Imazu/ Philippa Rice/ S. Raphael Balme/ Maria Montiel/ Kumiko Mizuno/ Mamaru/ Noriko Tatsumi/ Andrea Lauren/ MGMY STUDIO/ Michiko Shimada/ BB&PP INC/ N. Goldfish / Naoko Saito/ Hanako Sakashita/ Ken Brown/ Koji Honda/ Lille-lle/ Brendan Wenzel/ Kerry Layton/ APAK/ Frank Parga/ Victor John Villanueva/ and more…

Gallery Hours: Noon – 8pm everyday
(except Thanksgiving day, Christmas day, New Year’s Eve and New Years day)