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Four Female Artists in New York


a group exhibition by Japanese female artists live and work in New York City.

August 5 – August 11, 2011

Masako Tono, Illustrator
Born in Japan, currently lives in New York. She learned both illustration and print design in University of Central Oklahoma. To build her own creativity, she uses water-color and color pencils. At the same time, she often emphasizes and describes the dark power and gothic mystery throughout using paying attention to the colors black and white.

Kazumi Sakurai, Photographer
Pictures taking has been a lifelong experience for her. Her strong desire for photography, it was given by her father, who purchased a Nikon SF camera when she was born. After winning several awards and contests in Japan, she started her full-time career as a photographer at the age of 21. Her intimate style and skillful use of light fosters a deep connection between the viewer and the image, revealing a personal aesthetic that is reflective of the photographer as it is of the subject.

Mai Endo, Photographer
Born in Japan, currently lives in New York. Through her artwork, she designates a melting pot of architectural growth which goes unseen. She believes that all her work is a moment of essence captured in time which defines her and everyone’s life by the frame.

Noriko Miyawaki, Calligrapher
She has explored her experience in calligraphy since she was four years old. In the meantime, she has won various awards in Japan including her poetry and sketch works. She is one of the members of “Seiko Shodo” which exhibits at the Japanese consulate in New York.

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